Specializing in ultra-precision machining and mass-production technologies, Norca Precision offers comprehensive miniature bearings and pivot assemblies for a wide variety of industry applications.BEARINGS + PIVOTS-Precision-Photos

High-Precision Swiss Turned Miniature Bearings

Specialized applications require precision bearings to reduce friction between surfaces, improving efficiency and product longevity. Norca’s miniature bearings and pivot assemblies provide micron-scale low torque/ low noise solutions to ever increasing industry demands. Our Swiss turning methods ensure the highest quality, tightest tolerances, and superior efficiency to meet exact custom specifications.

Precision Made Pivot Assemblies for Leading Industries

We produce large quantity production runs for miniature and ultra-miniature tight tolerance pivot assemblies for various industrial and commercial applications. Materials include, but are not limited to carbide, offering exceptional strength and longevity. Our design expertise and manufacturing experience ensure ultra-precision delivery.

Quality Components For Success.

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