Norca Precision is a leading manufacturer of high-density, micro-miniature interconnect components and receptacles, backed by a reputation for innovation and component quality.


Hi-Density Contact & Receptacles for Small Spaces

High-reliability interconnect components offer space-saving qualities within end products and increase the efficient flow of current, adding convenience and flexibility to complex applications. Receptables are machined on high-speed lathes and are designed with closed bottom, offering protection against capillary action of flux during soldering operation and contamination by flux. Pins are manufactured on high-speed lathes in various configurations, suitable for various applications.

Lightweight Standard & Custom Configuration Solutions

Norca’s interconnect components are made according to standard or custom configuration requirements, offering superior interconnect power solutions such as PCB connectors and carriers, dual-in-line sockets and carriers, PGA sockets and carriers, chip carrier sockets, and sockets intended for specific applications for an array of industries which include, but are not limited to automotive, data/communication, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics.

Quality Components For Success.

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