Norca Precision caters to the needs of automotive OEMs as well as Tier 1, 2, and 3 manufacturers, offering custom ultra-miniature tight tolerance component parts with unmatched designs and challenging dimensions.

Automotive Micro Component Parts

Swiss Turning for Ultra-Precision Automotive Components

Leveraging Swiss turning to achieve high-precision turned parts and automotive components, we’re able to achieve unbelievable levels of accuracy and consistency. Our commitment to high-quality precision part manufacturing offers the extra edge you need to stay ahead, delivering superior products that your clients demand.

Accelerate Your Innovation in Automotive Parts

Our expertise in working with challenging materials on micro-scale levels along with our need to satisfy stringent demands and high automotive industry standards, position us as the leaders in miniature and ultra-miniature component parts for an array of automotive applications, including, but not limited to gears for fuel injection pumps, air control valves, ignition coils, and camshaft timing controls.

Quality Components For Success.

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