Norca Precision offers miniature and micron level sapphire and ruby balls for challenging applications requiring temperature and chemical-resistance, a smooth surface, and precise sphericity.Ruby Stylus

Machined to Micron Tolerances for Leading Industries

Norca’s sapphire and ruby balls are manufactured with longevity and superiority in mind, providing unprecedented wear resistance to acids and bases at 300 degrees C. Suitable for fiber optic connectors, flow meters, medical and chemical pump check valves, ball and roller bearings, and a wide range of wear applications, our sapphire and ruby balls can withstand environmental and thermal shock and offers chemical compatibility for various industries.

Miniature and ultra-miniature balls also available in ceramic, tungsten carbide, and optical glass consistencies.

Commitment to Large Quantity Custom Designs

To meet customer demands and exceed expectations, we offer large quantity production runs incorporating a KANBAN delivery system. Featuring excellent optical qualities, our sapphire and ruby ball tight tolerance parts are available in a wide range of stock sizes for various applications.

Quality Components For Success.

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