Offering a wide range of high-precision turned parts and gear assemblies, Norca Precision is committed to precision fine pitch gearing solutions for a wide range of mission critical applications in various industries.


Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured for Optimum Performance

Our advanced Swiss turning methods and manufacturing techniques result in unparalleled product quality and responsiveness that offer custom solutions to the most challenging precision gearing challenges. Made from versatile materials including, but not limited to plastics, brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel for high-strength and high-temperature properties, our precision gearing solutions are custom-made to meet your unique specifications.

Customized Micro Gearing Solutions for Specialized Industries

From custom-designed precision gearing solutions to large quantity production runs for OEMs, Norca Precision solves the toughest gearing challenges for an array of specialized applications including but not limited to medical and dental equipment, laboratory equipment, and industrial controls.

Quality Components For Success.

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