NORCA Precision Components, a division of NORCA Corporation

Since 1965 we specialize in importing HIGH and ULTRA-PRECISION custom-Swiss made-screw machined parts and assemblies- all made to client's specifications, and are suppliers to OEM's. The collective capacity extends from MICRO-MINATURE up to 2 inches in diameter (and more, CNC parts).

We also represent very reputable specialty product factories worldwide. In this activity we draw in considerable experience, and well-proven international associations of Norca Precision. In addition, we supply component parts made in the U.S.A. Expert advice is also available.

OUR KNOW-HOW AND PROVEN CONTACTS with manufacturers certified to ISO 9000/ 9002 quality standards WILL GIVE YOU THE EXTRA EDGE WHICH IS NEEDED IN OUR COMPETITIVE ECONOMY TO STAY AHEAD OF COMPETITION. We also can suggest improvements in design and materials.